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1952 Standard Vanguard

1952 Standard Vanguard Estate driving through Broadway, Cotswolds, UK – image by Mike Weir … source: Facebook – EoBmvbb1985 Online jigsaw target time 5:04

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1965 Vauxhall Velox PB

Sometimes you have to look far afield to find a rare car in good condition. LHD 1965 Vauxhall Velox PB … in Aura, Finland [ ] Online jigsaw target time 4:58 Google Translate tells me the ad says: Impressive

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1964 Triumph TR4

1964 Triumph TR4 … US$9,000 in Des Moines, Iowa [ ] Online jigsaw target time 4:29

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1956 Jaguar Mark VII

1956 Jaguar Mark VII … US $26,000 in Glendale, California [ ] Online jigsaw target time 4:24

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