Morris JE

An electric Morris JE van is promised … someone must have been listening to me in the pub a while back, proposing putting a J van body onto a Rivian platform … be still my beating heart. Source:
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“Long referred to as the ultimate, classic and iconic van from the 1950s, the Morris J-type is making a triumphant comeback as the Morris JE. The new fully-electric Morris JE will utilise advanced battery technology with a lightweight platform. Combining classically-inspired design with the heritage of the original J-type, the new JE will be built using beautiful British craftsmanship.”

1937 Lanchester Roadrider

1937 Lanchester Roadrider … £6995 in Cambridge, UK …
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1977 Jaguar XJ6C

1977 Jaguar XJ6C … $29,500 in Priddis, Alberta …
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Flat At  
A tip o’ the flat ‘at to Kirk Blake-Dickson  

1951 Bristol 401

1951 Bristol 401 LHD… €59,950 (~C$87,500) in Brummen, The Netherlands
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