1951 Ford V8 Pilot

1951 Ford V8 Pilot … £13,750 in Lymington, UK … https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223473636424
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1964 Wolseley Hornet

Upmarket mini: 1964 Wolseley Hornet … Source – Classic & Sports Car – Buyer’s guide: Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet
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Grey Brits – Ten Years After

That’s right, exactly ten years ago, on 24 January 2010, I put together a website and Facebook group and announced Grey Brits to the world.

At the moment we show 211 members from many different countries, joined together by our affection for Classic British Cars. The website blog has 1961 posts.

We even manage a get together once a year when four of us manage to be in the same pub at the same time around the end of June to share lunch and some “face time”. Anyone else that wants to make the trek is welcome to join us.

Here’s to the next milestone, as we carry on with “No formality; No rules; No dues; No idea, really

Lastly, a little Ten Years After music as a bonus (I Want to Know)

1972 Austin 1300GT

1972 Austin 1300GT … £7950 in Burwash, UK … https://www.arcarsltd.co.uk/used-car-austin-1300-gt-10004810
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