Celebrating Classic British Cars in our local area, we are based in Owen Sound in Grey County, and enjoy Classic British Cars in all forms.

Grey County
In clement weather we can be found on the highways and byways of Grey and Bruce Counties, sometimes with members of clubs with similar interests.

We’re also active on Facebook, with virtual members from all corners of the world.

Update : 7 February, 2015
After 5 years of muddling through, and with a growing membership, I have decided to start calling Grey Brits a Club instead of a Non-Club. Nothing else changes, especially our rallying call of “No formality; No rules; No dues; No idea, really.
Right. Carry on.

Update : 19 April, 2017
Another 2 years, and the regular club meets have fallen off after the closure of our preferred venue. The focus now appears to be on-line, though this may change again.

Update : 24 January, 2020

After 10 years of muddling through, all I can say is “Carry on, carrying on“.