A Clean Machine

Jane Austin, my 1958 Austin A95 Westminster, still a clean machine after an adventure at the car wash* on Monday and a 60 mile run today. Safely back in her summer stabling … Online jigsaw target time 4:48

* That time when you decide that your Classic Car is so filthy from the damp dust that the heavy-duty municipal mowers kicked up while mowing the park across from your house when you’d put the car there on the street half an hour before they arrived because work was being done on the driveway at the rear of the house and you didn’t want it covered in cement dust – on two separate days – that you offer your wife a quick scramble in the back seat and head off for the touchless automatic car wash – towels at the ready in front and back for minor leaks from any and all windows under the onslaught of high-pressure nozzles – and some of that water gets under the bonnet|hood and your pride and joy stalls and takes 15 minutes to dry out enough that it will restart so you can drive out of the car wash bay … that time was 3:47