MacLean’s Ales Brewery Visit

Rob & Ellie Ockenden, Jim Ellis and Alan Brand had A Minor Adventure (™) today, driving to Hanover, ON to visit MacLean’s Ales, one of the growing number of local micro-breweries.

We were entertained by hostess Shawn Benninger and co-founder Curtis Schmalz, who introduced us to Brewmaster/Founder Charles MacLean before offering us samples of their Farmhouse Blonde, Pale Ale and Oatmeal Stout followed by an impromptu tour of the brewery.

Macleans Tour 20150806 a Macleans Tour 20150806 b

We followed up with a late lunch in Walker’s Landing Pub & Eatery in Walkerton, where MacLean’s Pale Ale was consumed, purely as a scientific test to see how it had stood up to the rigorous 7 mile trip from the brewery. We were relieved to find that it passed the test with flying colours. The glasses in the Pub were reassuringly bigger than at the brewery, so we only had one (each) with lunch.

At about 90 miles of round trip, it was great day out. Given that we each stuck a case of MacLean’s in our Minors (I couldn’t afford to pack Elsie full of Pale Ale) for enjoying at home, it promises to be a good evening in!